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Welcome to One Dollar Cascade! Accumulate wealth $1 at a time!............Receive unlimited $1 payments to your PayPal or Payza account............. Only $2.35 to join!.....Sign up for a free 24 hr trial then upgrade inside.........See below for details..........We now accept Payza payments for those who cannot use PayPal........Referral contest now in progress until we reach 100 members - first prize $25.00......


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Earnings Disclaimer

Disclaimer - this is not a 'Get Rich Quick', MLM a matrix  or Pyramid Scheme, but earnings will vary depending on how much effort is applied.

We have a 1 tier referral program and there is NO 2nd tier referral program or MLM structure involved with our site at all.

You will not get rich by using our program.

This is an Affiliate Program where members recruit other members with the purpose of receiving referral fees on direct referrals only as a reward for promoting us

Pro Members also receive a free gift for joining.

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So, what can you do with just one dollar?

Turn it into multiple payments!

Ever wanted a way to stuff your PayPal account with $1 payments?

Promote the 'One Dollar Cascade', follow all the instructions and you are in business!

One Dollar Cascade is the easiest way to get $1 payments over and over again.

Build a steady income and see your inbox flooded with 'New Referral at One Dollar Cascade' emails as every single one of them guarantees you get paid at least 10 cents.

Your Earnings Start The Moment You Become A Paid Member

Every free trial pays you $0.10 which is added to your next payout!

You Will Be Paid $1.35 from each upgraded member you refer to your PayPal account once their payment has cleared but you may be charged by PayPal for receiving money which is unavoidable.

You Just Need To Advertise Your Referral Link & Get People To Join You.  You even get 10 cents for every free trial taken!  There is nothing else for you to do, you get a replicated page just like this one.

No-one sees your email address, you don't have to contact anyone.

You Don't Need To Ask For Earnings Withdrawals, You Will Be Paid Within 24 Hrs Every Time Someone Joins Under Your Referral Link And Then Upgrades even if it is several times a day (UK Time - See our office hours)

Receive $1 Payments Over and Over Again into your Paypal, Starting From Now. Making Money With 'One Dollar Cascade' Is As Simple As ...1,2,3.

You pay $2.35 to join ($1.35 goes to your referrer, $1.00 Admin fee which is non-refundable, the $0.35 covers PayPal fees and allows you receive the full $1.00)

Get all the benefits, which include the following:

  • List of advertising sites

  • Free download

  • One free banner at 'Dollar Banners' to get your new business started - see 'Free Advertising' for details.

  • Tools for recruiting members

  • Tips how to get the most out of your membership

  • One dollar payments from everyone who joins under your referral link when they upgrade

  • Get paid for everyone who signs up - even free members

  • Get paid to posts ads wherever you can and get at least 10cents from everyone who responds

  • $0.10 for every free trial taken added to your balance

  • Your referral url added to our rotator

  • Random referrals

This is not MLM - you get your own unique replicated page to promote - when others join through your link you receive $1.00 that person pays to upgrade, they also pay $1.00 to Admin.

No hidden costs - all the advertising can be done for free!

No website or hosting needed.

No fake PayPal 'Screenshots' of members' accounts and no fake testimonies.

The best part is you have nothing else to do, you don't have to bribe anyone to join, no follow-up emails and you are supported all the way.

We don't ask you to buy anything, there is no further outlay unless you want to pay to promote your link.  You even get a free gift for joining!

Get started right away.  Join free - you have 24 hours to decide if you want to upgrade.

The ultimate 'Paid to Promote' program!

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Join now - Just a one-time $2.35 payment of which $1.35 goes to your sponsor and $1.00 Admin fee.  Due to the nature of this business and costs there are NO refunds.  Therefore you should be certain the program is for you before upgrading.  Members get paid within 24 hrs

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